Look again. For the first time. That’s the powerful paradox of vuja dé which drives us to relook at known business challenges from fresh perspective.

What We Do

We build transformative products and data solutions for the lean enterprises. Our experience with financial services industry, data management and product engineering gives us a unique perspective to define product solutions in the space. There is lot more to software product development than writing great code. Our multi-disciplined team engages right from the stage of concept validation to user experience design to tech development & testing to the final deployment in production.

Product Concepting

We help validate your idea in the market and transform it into a viable software product solution scaling it based on market response. Some of the activities our team gets involved in are

Defining & validating your idea and business model through the Lean Canvas

User Experience Design and prototyping including defining related pitch collateral

Defining and building Minimum Viable Product across its stages ensuring maximum ROI

Lean Engineering

We take end-to-end ownership of product engineering from release iteration planning to development, testing and deployment. Our team ensures maximum value to your product engineering through use of

Iterative and Agile Product Development

Test Driven Development and Continuous Integration

Cloud Based engineering environments

Our Manifesto

This manifesto is where we began and what keeps us moving forward today. The Vuja De Manifesto is a reminder of the values we left the comfort zone of regular IT job and jumped into the unknown, ever changing startup world.

Working prototypes

over slide decks.

Weeks to production

over long term roadmaps

Skin in the game

over staff augmentation, T&M

IP driven services

over consulting services

Business solutions

over technology implementation

Fail Fast

and pivot