Socrating is Live!

Socrating is Live!

SocratingSM is live -

Socrating analyzes social media buzz and sentiments of upcoming Hollywood and Bollywood movies by consolidating our social rating hypothesis with detailed sentiment analysis methodologies. Our algorithms assess huge amount of social media traffic (including comments, likes, dislikes, followings, shares etc. etc.) on a daily basis to keep our results more accurate and up to date.

Comparative listing

Socrating scores of all upcoming movies are compared as per the competitive benchmarking technique where the most hyped movie achieves score of 100 and adjusts all other movies accordingly. In this way, our benchmark will keep updating based on the current record-holder.

Comprehensive analytics

For each movie, the analytics page presents:

  • Movie details
  • Current social media standing
  • Social media buzz trend on Twitter, Facebook and YouTube
  • Sentiments summary on Twitter, Facebook and YouTube
  • Breakdown trend analysis of Twitter sentiments

Add movies

Although we will keep updating the list of upcoming movies regularly, you can also add any movie you want to see. No sign up required! Just paste urls of the movie's official Facebook, Twitter, IMDb and YouTube (trailers) accounts on our Add Movie page and its done! (sample below)

We will keep evolving our application with further analytical techniques to present more detailed results and ratings, your feedback will be very helpful in this process.