Social Rating: Transforming Film Industry Economics

The advent of social media has significantly changed basic economics and marketing strategies in the film industry. More so than ever as opening box office weekend collection has become the most important contributing element to a movie’s success and

Custom jQuery Nestable List

Nestable is a drag & drop hierarchical list with mouse and touch compatibility, original author is David Bushell. Drag and Drop eases the way of presenting and creating hierarchy. It is a very useful tool to represent a hierarchichal structure

vuja de manifesto

This manifesto is where we began and what keeps us moving forward today. The Vuja De Manifesto is a reminder of the values we left the comfort zone of regular IT job and jumped into the unknown, ever changing startup

bcrypt NodeJS module setup in Windows

bcrypt lib helps with creation of hash passwords and widely used in various NodeJS applications. While it is quite easy to setup in Linux environment, it is quite complex in Windows environment due to ambigous error messages shown during installation.