Graduate 2 Programmer Internships

Graduate 2 Programmer Internships

About 1.5 Million Engineers graduate in India every year (reference), and this is not including other Science and Technical graduates who also pursue a career in programming. Given the volumes, we were very optimistic in getting a solid team of programmers very quickly when we started our setup in India last fall.

But few months of meeting and talking to a signficant number of graduates and even experienced IT professionals looking for jobs, we quickly realized that there were a lot more engineering graduates but lot less engineers. This is not only linked to our cultural fascination with certifications but also inability of most schools of rendering skills in line with todays industry requirements.

So at vuja de, we have started what most indian IT companies including startups end up doing - Develop our own (un)Learning or Internship Program. This is not to be confused with programs run by the large number of IT Training Institutes that have mushroomed all across the country. Our goal is not to classroom teach minimum to get someone a job in IT but instead build programmers who can hopefully pursue their dream of building software products and solutions.

Our Internship Program focuses on the following:

Legacy Free Tech

We are focused on building next generation data & analytics products and are free of typical IT outsourcing business, i.e Maintenance of Legacy Applications. This allows us to focus our internship programs on Cloud Infrastructure, NoSQL Databases and HTML5 oriented tech stacks. Sadly most IT trainings are still focused on likes of Struts 1/2 or PL/SQL.

Project Based Mentorship & Self Cred

Our Interns work closely with resident mentors on real live projects and build their own credibility and identity in the tech world through their github, stack overflow. We dont want you to be anonymous cublicle worker lost in the IT outsourcing world

Full Stack Developers

Startups give a unique opportunity of gaining experience across the full tech stack of the product and prepares you to gain better perspective into challenges and big picture of the implementation even if at a later stage you prefer to build expertise in only one layer of the stack. We ensure our interns are exposed to full development stack and are being groomed to build their own products and startups in future

At the end of 3-4 months of internship, we guarantee that our interns would have broader and deeper experience in programming than most graduates in IT services have in 3 years.

Interested in joining our internship program or learning more about it? Drop us a line at