Monitoring real time nginx traffic using GoAccess

Tracking Website visitors statistics is vital for every webmaster. one of the best way to do this is monitoring nginx logs. We have discussed about few popular open source nginx log monitoring tools in our previous blog. In this blog

How to monitor Nginx log files

Nginx is most widely used free open source HTTP server, that runs on various linux,unix and Windows variants. Nginx web server is well know for its stability concurrency, performance and low memory usage. During the internship period, I was

Socrating is Live!

SocratingSM is live - Socrating analyzes social media buzz and sentiments of upcoming Hollywood and Bollywood movies by consolidating our social rating hypothesis with detailed sentiment analysis methodologies. Our algorithms assess huge amount of social media

Make colorful Polar line chart with Highcharts

WHAT IS HIGHCHARTS? Highcharts is a charting library written in pure JavaScript to build interactive charts for website or web application. It support variety of charts like line, area, column, bar, pie, box plot, polar chart types etc. Some of